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Most families or single mothers living in England can get Child Benefit. Child Benefits are paid to parents or carers for children under 16 years of age or up to 20 years old if they are in full-time education. The child allowance is fixed, the first child is paid £ 20.30 per week, for the following children at £ 13.40 per week.

Applying for a child allowance must prove that you are entitled to receive it.

Documents required:

- the original of the child's birth certificate;

- National Insurance Number;

- your income information (P60, P45 form, payslips or annual tax returns);

- your bank account statements;

- if the child is over the age of 16, data from his / her educational institution.





Housing Benefit is a benefit for low-paid people that helps you pay for a home rental. The amount of housing allowance depends on the cost of renting a home and the ratio of your income. In addition, you are assessed on how much savings you have, how many people are living in a rented accommodation, their age and other factors that determine a decision to receive this benefit.




To apply for a housing benefit, you need to have the following documents:

- your tenancy agreement;

- Proof of a payment of Council Tax bills;

- your income information (P60, P45 form, payslips or annual tax returns);

- bank account statements;




Pension Credit is a retirement benefit that a pensioner living in England may be eligible for. You must be retired to be eligible for a Pension Credit. You must not earn any income from work, but you must have worked in the UK and paid National Insurance Contributions. In exceptional cases, you can use National Insurance contributions paid by your children to help you get a benefit.

Documents required:

- National Insurance Number (National Insurance Number)

- bank account statement of any bank accounts in England or abroad;

- a certificate about the any pension you receive from abroad.

To find out more about the size of allowance you may be eligible for, please email us or contact us by phone.