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When all the possibilities to reconcile your marriage are exhausted, it is important to ensure that the divorce process is as short as possible and that it maximises your interests. Therefore, it is very important to choose professionals who are familiar with their job and can ensure that the divorce process runs as smoothly as possible.Therefore, if you have any questions or do not know where to start, call or write to us, and we will share practical advice and help you find a solution in your situation.



Frequently Asked Questions  

– Is it possible to get a divorce in Lithuania while residing abroad?

Yes, you do not need to travel Lithuania to pursue a divorce process in a Lithuanian court. In Lithuania, the divorce process is faster and cheaper. Many of our clients find this option a more convenient and cheaper way to terminate their marriage without leaving the country. By signing a representation agreement with our lawyer and a solicitor, you ensure that your interests are fully represented. The lawyer will represent you throughout the divorce process and will ensure that all formalities in the divorce proceedings can be handled without your physical participation in courts.

– What kind of problems are most commonly faced during the divorce process?

The most popular way of divorce, both in Lithuania and abroad, is when the parties agree to a peaceful divorce and resolve all financial and childcare issues in good faith. In such cases there are no major problems arising.

- How much does the divorce process take?

A peaceful divorce process usually lasts two to three months, depending on court's availability and ability of the spouses to sign the required documents in a timely manner. The court decision comes into force within 30 days, so a statement about divorce can be obtained within two weeks from the day when the judgment becomes effective.

When there are disagreements on property or other substantive issues, the divorce process may take longer and it all depends on the goodwill on both sides.

 - What documents are needed?

To start the divorce process, you need to provide: a passport or identity card (ID) card, certificate of marriage, if you have minors, you need copies of their birth certificates. You may need to provide contracts with your creditors if you have any.

If you do not have the necessary documentation, we can help you request duplicate copies of the missing documents.





B & L Solutions specialises in divorce and family law. We have accumulated considerable experience in various family law cases, including divorce proceedings in the United Kingdom and internationally, settlement of financial matters and maintenance of minors. With our help, divorce will be a relatively straightforward and quick process.


If you have any questions, do not know which way to divorce is best for you, if your circumstances are complicated, please feel free to send us information about your situation via our contact form or you can simply call us and receive you a free telephone consultation.



Frequently Asked Questions


- Can I conduct the divorce process in England?

Persons who are resident in England can bring the divorce proceedings to the English court. In most cases, the divorce process is conducted through the English court when the spouses have property or creditors in the country. The divorce process in England can only be initiated if your marriage is at least 12 months old and the spouses acknowledge that there is no reconciliation option.

-What does the divorce process in England involve?

Divorce process takes three stages:

The first stage is the actual divorce, i.e. annulment of marriage;

During the second stage, the place of residence and the monetary amount of maintenance of minors are determined;

The third step involves all financial issues such as any joint assets or borrowings.

If there are no contentious financial or child custody issues, it is possible to only perform first stage of the divorce process (annulment of marriage). This way, the divorce process takes less time and costs less.

-What qualifies as a valid reason for divorce?

From the legal point of view, the only basis for divorce is that "the marriage has broken in irreversibly and the total marital life is no longer possible". This may be based on adultery, unacceptable behaviour of the spouse, or because spouses already live in separation.

-Is the spouse's consent required to start the process of divorce?

In most cases a consent of the spouse is not required. The exception only applies when the only reason for divorce is the spouses living apart for more than 2 years.

-How long does the divorce process normally take?

In most cases, the divorce process lasts two to three months, during which time it is not necessarily mandatory to attend the court proceedings.