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Through our experience, our team have already helped a number of businesses start business and become incorporated companies.

We can incorporate a company within three hours and provide you with all the company registration documents.

If you decide to start a business you will need:

- to come up with a company name;

- have a business registration address;

- name company directors and shareholders;

- indicate the area of the company's business activities.

We provide business consulting for those who want to start a new business or develop an existing business. Every business faces unique challenges and challenges, and sometimes it's difficult to find a “one fits all” solution, so our business advisers are ready to help you with a tailored approach to your problem.

Once you've set up your business, we'll help you in the following steps:

- opening a business bank account;

- registering as a VAT business (if applicable);

- registering as an employer of the CIS Scheme;

- submitting payroll reports to HMRC.

What are the benefits of incorporating a Limited Company

Agencies and customers are often reluctant to enter into long-term contracts with self-employed clients on the basis of the risks of employment rights.

By establishing a Limited Company, you will have much more flexibility in business development, making it easier for you to get business financing from your bank or other lenders.

Companies and other legal entities prefer companies for long-term cooperation, which makes it easier for you to find business partners or investors.

A Limited Company can be more effective in tax planning, and more transparent in accounting policy that more closely matches your business model.

It's easier for companies to find skilled workers because employees‘ trust in a company is greater than that of a private individual.