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The future of the children, their interests and material provision are an unquestionable priority for both parents, even if your marriage ended in divorce and now you have to share the parenting duties. However, no one wants to be materially abused in the situation.

We will help you ensure that the child support is one of the core issues from the start of the divorce process and that, together with our professional help, you can find an optimal solution. We have experience in ensuring fair deductions and fulfilment of financial obligations.

If your divorce process is already completed, but you feel that the amount of the alimony awarded is insufficient to ensure the welfare of the child, we will help you to re-evaluate this matter with your ex-partner.

If you believe that the amount awarded is too high and restricts your other financial decisions, we can find the optimal way to ensure that your payments are consistent with your financial circumstances.

If your former spouse refuses to pay money for child support or has suddenly stopped paying, our professionals will help you save your energy and help you seek an appropriate court judgement. You will be able to redeem amounts for the previous periods for which your child was entitled to his or her maintenance.