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Every year, starting 6th of April, when the new tax year begins in the United Kingdom, you can recover overpaid taxes for the past year. Taxes may be refunded all persons employed or self-employed. The amount to be refunded depends on the income received and the tax paid.

It is important that your tax return is submitted on time, as you will be subject to strict HMRC fines when you miss the deadlines.

Often, people working in the UK pay more taxes than they should be. This happens if a person worked for less than a year or worked in several jobs. Sometimes it can be an employer's mistake; for example, due to incorrect tax code applied.

To recover overpaid taxes, you need to have documents that you receive from the employer: pay slips, P45, P60 forms. If you do not have the necessary documentation, we can help you order information about your revenue from the HMRC.




In order to find out how much of overpaid income tax you could claim back, please complete this short tax return form.
You should find the required information about your income and tax paid on your P60 or P45 forms or on your latest payslip
Have you received income from sources other than work (eg. Property income, dividends, etc.)?
* Don’t worry if you don’t have all the necessary information- please just complete the fields that you can. We shall get in touch with you and help you obtain any missing information.